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piggies ltd

Hog Roast Standard Menu:

1x whole British free range hog on spit.

Freshly baked rolls.

Beautiful golden crispy crackling.

Apple sauce.

Home made stuffing

50 people (Half a rolled pig)

100 people (Whole pig)

Premium Menu:

1x whole British free range hog on spit Freshly baked rolls

Beautiful golden crispy crackling Apple sauce.

Home made stuffing

Choice of 3 salads.

[ Italian salad]

[ mushroom and artichoke salad]

Honey mustard potato salad]

Roasted butternut squash salad]

[Apple slaw]  

Roast potatoes.

Corn on the cob.

Chicken Roast Menu:

Chickens on spit.

Freshly baked rolls.

Home-made stuffing.

Mixed leaf salad.

Lamb Roast:

1x hole free range lamb.

Freshly backed rolls.

Roast potatoes.

Mint sauce.

Greek salad.


Wild mushroom and halloumi in brioche bun

Butternut squash stuffed with Mediterranean veg

Choice of veggie burgers

Meze platter: Serves ten people


Feta cheese and chillies.

Stuffed sweat peppers.

Celery and carrot sticks.

Stuffed vine leafs.

Sour cream.


Fish platter: Serves ten people

Smoked salmon.

Smoked mackerel.

King prawn skewers.

Fresh water prawns.

Dress crabs.

Garnish with salad, lemon and avocado.

Tarter sauce and merry rose.

Chicken platter:

Chicken satay.

JD chicken strips.

Chicken kebabs.

Chicken and chorizo skewers Serves ten people


Carrot cake

Apple crumble

Eaton mess

Cheese cake

Chocolate fudge cake